Cancer Care

Getting a frightening cancer diagnosis puts you on a life-changing journey. It is therefore important that you build your team of health care practitioners to help guide you to the best in cutting-edge treatments. Dr. Esposito has the training and expertise to effectively incorporate complementary and alternative medicine into your treatment plan.

Dr. Esposito has a special interest in naturopathic oncology and is a member of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She is trained in the special use of botanical medicine, homeopathy, specialized diets, targeted nutritional supplementation, orthomolecular medicine and intravenous therapies and mistletoe therapy in cancer care. All treatments given alongside conventional therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation are carefully researched to prevent drug-herb and drug-nutrient interactions.

It is very difficult to navigate the hundreds of “alternative therapies” promoted to combat cancer so together you will decide which treatments are right for you and your unique situation.